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Over the past several years, we here at Arbor Barber Tree, LLC have received countless orders for firewood. We know that the winters in the Pennington, NJ Area can be snowy and very cold.

woodOur firewood delivery service is different from so many others out there. First of all, our firewood is pre-cut, so there is no need for you to go out into the cold and chop the wood down-to-size. All of our firewood bundles is ready to go into the fireplace (or wood burning stove).

Next, our wood comes in pre-wrapped bundles. They are covered in clear plastic so you do not have to worry about the wood falling all over your floor.

Finally, the wood is stacked onto a pallet and the ends are supported by wooden boards which help to keep the wood stacked neatly from the time you receive the delivery until you get the last piece for the fireplace.

Call us at 609.847.5047 for availability. Even though we start the season with lots of wood, the demand is high. And, since we offer convenient delivery service, many of our customers call us early to take advantage of our easy-to-use service. We will bring the wood to your home or office and place the container where you need it.

We deliver to the Pennington, NJ and surrounding area. Please call to confirm availability and delivery radius.

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