Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding Services

Nothing is as unsightly as an old tree stump in the yard or on your property. These remnants of cut or fallen trees are a nuisance and can really make an area appear unattractive. They are difficult to remove and can attract a variety of insect which could lead to more-serious issues.

Stump Grinder

Stump Grinding Project

Stump grinding is a cost effective way to remove tree stumps from nearly any location. Unlike backhoes and other large digging equipment, a stump grinder is a smaller, more efficient piece of equipment that eliminates damage to your property.

A stump grinder has a rapidly-turning cylinder which has "teeth". These teeth grind away a stump quickly and efficiently. As it works it will grind the stump into a sawdust like powder which can easily be gathered and hauled away.

We utilize our professional equipment to grind the stump to below the ground surface and cover the area for you. Once we are finished, you will never know that a stump used to be there. The process can be done normally within an hour and cleanup is just as fast. After the grinding process is finished, we will haul away all of the debris from the process so that your property looks clean and well-cared for.

Your property will look like there was never a stump there before! Your yard will look a lot better and you will eliminate a potential hazard by allowing us to grind your tree stumps away. Call Arbor Barbers at 609-730-8199 for a free, no-obligation estimate today!


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