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Fantastic Service

Arbor Barber is a fantastic service.  We have had them come out on multiple occasions and the work is always done as promised.  They are thorough and clean up so well that you would never know that any trees had been removed. Rich is easy to work with and personally manages his crew to ensure…
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Protected New Concrete Work

Three very nice workers showed up on time started right away. They brought in sheets of plywood to put on my fairly fresh concrete to prevent any damage to it. They removed 2 complete trees and trimmed up one. Looks so good and very nice clean up. Thanks a lot! Mark Dennis Naylor
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Cleaned Up Storm Damage

Had damage to large tree in back yard from severe storms.  Called Rich next day and he was out within hours to assess.  Scheduled them to come out and they did wonderful job.  Very careful to protect my paver patio and of fence/yard.  Tree was brought down in a very meticulous and safe fashion.   Cleaned…
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Servicing Trees Since 2013 – Top Quality

Rich and his team at Arbor Barber have serviced my trees since 2013. He and his crew show up on time looking like professionals. From the minute they get out of their trucks, everyone knows their role and what to do - they're off and running. It's a plus for me to see the same guys…
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Phenomenal Work!

The Arbor Barber team is phenomenal! They were able to take down many extremely tall trees that were wedged between our house and the neighbor’s house. They were able to rig, cut, and drop all of those trees exactly where they wanted them to go, completely without incident. They also did major pruning and trimming…
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