Don't Top Your Trees!

For years, topping trees has been a common practice for homeowners and even for some so-called professional tree services. It is generally an attempt to keep a tree from growing too high. In fact, this practice does a lot more damage to the tree in the long run. Here are some reasons you do not want to top your trees:

  • As a survival mechanism, a tree will grow back faster when topped rather than well-pruned because it will try to replace the parts you have cut off more rapidly.
  • Topped trees are more prone to falling over and becoming a hazard.
  • Topping destroys the natural beauty of a tree.
  • Topping causes decay because trees cannot heal themselves at all cut locations.
  • Topping can lead to sunburn because the tree does not have enough leaves to protect itself.

A certified arborist knows how to prune a tree correctly in order to produce optimal growth and beauty.

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