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Snow: The Good & The Bad

It's that time of the year again! You know what we mean - WINTER! And with winter comes snowfall! The children do not seem to mind it too much (the snow) but to many homeowners, snow can be a real hassle. As pretty as it can be, snow is notorious for causing traffic delays, accidents, and…
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We Deliver Wood Anywhere

Over the past several years, we here at Arbor Barber Tree, LLC have received countless orders for firewood. We know that the winters in the Pennington, NJ Area can be snowy and very cold. Our firewood delivery service is different from so many others out there. First of all, our firewood is pre-cut, so there…
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Pruning Benefits

In many areas, when winter sets in, temperatures drop and trees go dormant, it can be the best time for pruning. Some tree care customers have the misconception that with leaf drop, production tree work comes to a halt, as well. The exact opposite is true. Winter can be the perfect time to prune and…
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