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Corrective Pruning Mercer & Hunterdon Counties in NJ and Bucks County in PA

Corrective Pruning - Mercer County, Hunterdon County, & Bucks County

Corrective pruning is essential in developing a tree with a strong structure and desirable form. Trees that are pruned from a young age, will need little pruning as they mature and will grow into healthy, beautiful trees for years to come. Continued pruning of mature trees assures that they remain beautiful and most importantly, safe.

AB tree Care ServicesOver the years many trees will develop branches which become diseased or which die due to weather or other events. Corrective pruning will allow the tree to grow and be healthier and stronger. This essential part of healthy trees discourages disease and other problems that can be caused by the invasion of tree pests. It also enhances the appearance of the tree or shrub as well as the surrounding area. As we work on your tree(s) we will also inspect the trees to insure they are healthy and strong. Once the trimming is complete, we will haul away the debris so that the area around the tree looks as good as ever.

Call Arbor Barber today to schedule an inspection to see if you need to have any of the trees or shrubs in your yard pruned or trimmed. Call 609-730-8199 for more information. We give free estimates. Once we have been given the project, we will work with you to determine the best time to do the work.

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