Tricia & Dave

April 15, 2010

Dear Arbor Barber,

We can't begin to thank you enough for the incredible service that Arbor Barber provided last weekend. After we saw the amount of destruction caused by the windstorm, we thought it would be weeks before we could arrange to have the tree limbs removed that were resting on our power lines due to the storm. The fact that a crew of six men came within a half hour of our call was amazing!

The professionalism demonstrated by your crew was also impressive. Even though they had been working for over twelve hours in less than ideal conditions, they were courteous and friendly. They worked quickly and efficiently, and were able to remove several large tree limbs without causing any damage to the power lines or the surrounding trees, The fact that they were working in near darkness, lit only by floodlights, makes their expert tree removal even more remarkable.

We truly appreciate the outstanding service provided by your company. We would highly recommend Arbor Barber to anyone in need of tree work.

With thanks,

Tricia and Dave P.

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