Winterize Your Trees


Winterize Your Trees

Save Your Trees from Cold Weather Damage

Many people are under the mis-conception that once leaves stop falling from the trees, it is time to stop doing any type of work on trees. Nothing is further from reality. Trees do go largely dormant during the colder months of the year. However, working on them during that period of time can lead to a healthier and fuller-looking tree come springtime.

Once the leaves have fallen off of the tree it is much-easier to evaluate the structure carefully. In addition, during the cold months there are no insects or pathogens which can exploit the work done on the trees.

250 by 250 30Another one of the services which are important for trees as well as other plants in the winter is adding anti-desiccant. This helps to protect trees and other plants during the cold of the winter. It prevents winter burn and other types of damage your trees can sustain during the brutal temperatures of the season.

During the cold months the air gets very dry. This lower moisture content causes any remaining moisture in the plants to be drawn out of the plants. This can cause a great amount of damage to the plant or tree.

The use of ice melting agents during the winter is also a huge concern for trees, shrubs, and many types of plants. The anti-desiccant will work to protect them from all of these harmful conditions.

There are many other advantages to having your trees winterized and pruned. To take advantage of the opportunity that the winter affords for tree work, call Arbor Barber Tree at 609-847-5047. We will be happy to visit with you and give you a free, no-obligation estimate for winterizing your trees.


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