Tree Removal


When It Comes to Tree Removal, No Other Company Does the Job Like Arbor Barber Tree

Arbor Barber Tree has been in business for a very long time! Each year countless New Jersey homeowners and business owners call us to remove trees on their property. They know that Arbor Barber stands for Quality Work at an Affordable Price! With Arbor Barber, people understand that we are better-equipped, more professional and have a better safety record than any other business in the region!

Safety Matters

Without question one of the most-important factors in hiring a company to remove a fallen tree, one that may be in a dangerous position, or any other type of job is SAFETY! At Arbor Barber Tree Service, we take safety very seriously. We take every precaution to ensure that everyone is safe on the job site and that your property is adequately protected from the potential dangers of removing a tree!

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