Trees are an important part of our everyday lives. Not just for beauty and shade, but environmentally as well. There are many things that you can do to help keep your trees healthy and beautiful. Two major things to remember are:

  • The leaves of a tree manufacture the sugar needed for the tree's proper growth and development. Without the proper amount of leaves, the tree will become stressed and suffer.
  • A tree's root system supports the physical weight of a tree and also absorbed water and nutrients for the leaves to produce their sugar. If a root system is extensively damaged (by as little as 10%), a tree can fall over or die.


Trees can be of great benefit for the community or on your own property. However, they can also impose risk and infringe on your neighbors' rights if not taken care of properly. With proper selection and maintenance, trees can provide privacy, reduce glare and reflections, direct pedestrian traffic, compliment architecture and much more.


Homes and businesses that have landscaped property are known to be more valuable (by 5-20%) than those that are not. Carefully selected and cared for trees and shrubs can translate into lower heating and air conditioning bills because of the shade and windbreak they provide.


From improved air quality, to water conservation to wildlife support — trees provide our environment, and ultimately ourselves with many essential benefits.

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