More Tree Services

Tree Cabling

Trees can often become unstable from storms, mechanical injury, structural weakness or age, or are in the way of construction projects, but this does not mean that the trees needs to be taken down. Often times cabling or bracing the tree can result in a longer life for the tree and it can continue to provide all of its benefits. Our professional arborists are trained in tree cabling and bracing and will recommend the appropriate care.

Premium Hardwood Firewood

Over the past few years, Arbor Barber Tree Care has been offering Premium Hardwood Firewood for sale. The wood is pre-cut and packaged either on a pallet (and wrapped in plastic for easy storage and delivery) or in bags. Call us for a fast free quote on our firewood.

Field Cutting / Brush Hogging

For land clearing jobs that don’t require large, heavy equipment but cannot be done with standard yard equipment, we offer our field cutting (often called brush hogging) service. Many acres of land can be refined and made more usable by clearing small, unwanted trees and shrubs, cutting tall grass and removing other smaller obstacles. Let us make short work of this tedious task for you.

Land Clearing

When your land clearing needs require heavy equipment and highly trained operators — from trees to boulders — we have the team to do the job. We use a wide variety of equipment to handle all types of land clearing projects and understand the regulations for proper land clearing and waste disposal.

Free Wood Chips…Call Us!

If you need woods chips, we have tons of them. We are glad to deliver them to your door for only our delivery fee. This covers gas and a little overhead. Sound fair? Call us to get yours today.


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