Fertilizing Trees

http://www.organolawn.com/tree_care.phpTrees require certain essential nutrients to grow and survive. In addition, trees often grow rapidly when these nutrients are found in abundance. Many homeowners use fertilizers to supply essential nutrients to the trees in order to accelerate growth and promote health. Fertilizers are particularly effective in environments lacking rich soil.

Q: Should older trees be fertilized?

A: Fertilizing older trees will promote their health and accelerate growth.

Q: When are fertilizers most effective?

A: Fertilizers are most effective when applied to rapidly growing trees that are in the early stages of growth.

Q: What will happen if I apply too much fertilizer?

A: Applying too much fertilizer often results in increased stress caused to the tree by its environment and may result in rapid and unhealthy growth.

Q: How frequently should I apply fertilizer to my trees?

A: Fertilizers should be applied in small amounts throughout the year, three to four light applications each year is usually sufficient.

Q: Should I remove any mulch or other covering that is on top of the tree's roots before fertilizing?

A: No, the fertilizer will be dissolved by rain and will easily leach through the mulch.

Q: What substances do tree fertilizers commonly contain?

A: Tree fertilizers usually contain a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Q: What should I do when I want the tree to slow its growth or stop altogether?

A: Decrease the applications of fertilizer to once each year. This will slow or halt growth, while keeping the tree healthy.


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