Eco Friendly

Eco-Friendly Business Practices

Over the past several years a massive movement has swept America which has taught us all to take better care of our environment for the good of everyone and every living thing. Here at Arbor Barber Tree Service, we have always been an eco-friendly business.

ecofriendlyBefore we undertake any project, we assess how it will impact the immediate and surrounding area. We are very careful to not disturb any trees, shrubs, or other plants in the area we are working.

Once the project is completed, we work diligently to thoroughly clean the area and return it to its original condition. In many instances we are able to leave the area in better condition than we found it. Our customers continually praise not only our work, but for our clean-up and restoration efforts as well.

When tree trimming or tree removal is involved, we remove all of the branches and debris. We will chip and recycle all of the smaller branches and any wood that is unusable.

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