Cleaned up 30 Years of Neglect!

After 30 years of neglecting my trees and some of my neighbors trees, I finally decided to do something.  As Richard and his crew started to work, my neighbor also decided to have his trees pruned and one removed. For about two hours, I was able to see Richard and crew worked.  They were professional, diligent, and courteous.  After I came home from work, my neighbor and I marveled on how neat they were.  Our yards were cleaner after the trees were removed and trimmed. We couldn't find a single twig or wood chip on the ground or in the street and we had several trees removed and 16 trees pruned and trimmed. Both of us appreciated that Richard and his crew didn't use a bucket truck to trim the trees which would have damaged the lawn.  Also, Richard and his crew took the time to place the wood chipper in the street rather than on the front lawn. They provided outstanding and  professional service without compromising and damaging the front and back yards.

M. Gordon

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